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Dental Implant Placement – Millersville, MD

Invest in a Complete, Beautiful Smile

Dental implants in Severna Park are the most reliable tooth replacement option with over a 95% success rate. Their ability to last for several decades relies on creating the ideal foundation for your new smile and the strategic placement of your implant posts. As a result, you can’t expect to undergo the entire procedure in just one day. Instead, your treatment consists of multiple stages, each of which is vital to promoting the long-term viability of your smile. The first step to success is placing your implant posts.

Planning for Dental Implant Placement

Before your placement surgery, you need an initial consultation to ensure dental implants are right for you. Besides a visual examination, we need to take digital X-rays and a CT scan to see your oral structures in their entirety. With a complete picture, we can determine if you need additional treatments before placing your implant posts, such as tooth extractions, bone grafting, or a sinus lift. Although these treatments may lengthen your journey to a complete smile, they are vital to laying the groundwork for the success of your dental implants.

Placing Your Dental Implants

After you’ve healed from any additional treatments, you’re scheduled for your dental implant surgery. We use the previous CT scan and images to predetermine the ideal location for your implant posts. We then use computer-guided technology to strategically place them into your jawbone through oral surgery.

We can place your implants right here in our office, so you won’t need to be referred to an unfamiliar location. Sedation or anesthesia is used to ensure your comfort as your gum tissue is opened to expose your jawbone. Small holes are drilled into your bone to insert the posts in their precise locations. Your gum tissue is sutured closed, and you can head home to begin the healing process.

Healing from Dental Implant Placement

Dental implants mimic your tooth roots, stimulating your jaw to encourage new bone growth. Over the next several months, your jawbone fuses to the posts through a process called osseointegration. After your jawbone integrates with the posts, they have the potential to remain in place for life with the right aftercare, like maintaining your oral hygiene and visiting your dentist in Severna Park at least twice a year.

During the time your jawbone is healing, it’s best to reduce your risk of any complications, like an infection. Maintain your oral hygiene habits but be careful when cleaning around the surgical sites to avoid causing any irritation. It’s also best to avoid smoking, which can impact your body’s ability to heal and fight infections.

After your initial placement surgery, it’s normal to experience some pain and tenderness. You can manage your discomfort using over-the-counter pain relievers. Apply cold compresses to the outside of your face for 10-minute intervals to help reduce any swelling or bruising. It’s best to eat soft foods until your discomfort subsides.

Complete Your Smile Today!

Don’t let your apprehensions about oral surgery prevent you from completing your smile. We take every step possible to ensure your comfort for a stress-free process. If you’re ready to get started, contact our office today to schedule your consultation.

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