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Root Canal Therapy – Millersville, MD

Doing Everything Possible to Save Damaged Teeth

Man sharing healthy smile after root canal therapy

When there’s an aching pain in your tooth, your first thought doesn’t have to be, “Will I need my tooth extracted?” Instead, you can call Transcendent Smiles and book an appointment with Dr. Tran, who is trained to handle dental issues like dental discomfort. Not only could your tooth be saved through root canal therapy, but you may just be surprised by how easy it is to receive root canal therapy in Millersville, MD. Give us a call, and we’ll help dispel the common myths behind a treatment performed millions of times yearly!

Why Choose Transcendent Smiles for Root Canal Therapy?

Do I Need Root Canal Therapy?

A woman rubbing her aching cheek at a dental appointment

Severe dental discomfort is the most notable indicator that you need a root canal. However, there are other symptoms to be aware of as well. These include:

Should you notice several of the signs above, go ahead and book a visit with Dr. Tran. She can then perform an oral exam and see whether root canal therapy suits you.

The Root Canal Process

A 3D illustration of root canal therapy

You can expect a smooth, effective procedure when you receive a root canal. It may not even take an hour to finish.

The therapy itself is straightforward. It starts with Dr. Tran numbing your mouth, ensuring you won’t feel pain from treatment. Next, she’ll make a small access hole in your tooth’s crown, allowing her to reach the inner tissue at the center – the pulp. Once she clears the diseased tissue and irrigates the new space, she’ll place a temporary filling that prevents reinfection. You can then expect our team to cover your tooth with a crown.

The Benefits of Getting a Root Canal

A smiling woman who just received root canal therapy

While root canal therapy has a daunting reputation, it actually has a great many benefits. Among them, the most common ones are:

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