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How Much Calcium Do You Need for Healthy Teeth?

February 15, 2024

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Growing up, you likely learned that calcium is great for oral health. Everyone from parents to close friends will mention that fact often. Still, do you know how much calcium you need for healthy teeth? The exact amount doesn’t tend to get talked about much. It wouldn’t even be surprising if you’ve never heard the estimate. Luckily, your local Millersville dentist can remedy this problem. Here’s a primer on the calcium needed for great oral health.

Some Context: The Link Between Calcium & Oral Health

Before going forward, it’s best to review the link between calcium and oral health. You’ll better grasp the relationship between the two factors.

Firstly, note that calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body. One of its biggest roles is to build and maintain strong bones. At the same time, calcium allows your brain and other body parts to communicate well. It thus helps with blood clotting, muscle contractions, and the regulation of your heart rhythms and nerve functions.

Given its traits, calcium also benefits your oral health. A great deal of research finds that the mineral strengthens your enamel and fights off tooth decay. These effects stem from how calcium bonds to your teeth through saliva. Without such bonding, your pearly whites will become softer and more porous. They’ll then be at greater risk of cavities and infections.

How Much Calcium Should Your Diet Include?

When it comes to your teeth, how much calcium you should consume varies. The final tally will depend on your unique situation. That said, some rough estimates are possible.

For adults 19-50 years old, the National Institutes of Health suggests 1,000 milligrams (mg) of calcium daily. This number accounts for bone loss and tooth decay that can occur with age. It also compensates for medications that can weaken bones and lactose intolerance.

Calcium-Rich Foods That Boost Oral Health

To get 1,000 mg of calcium per day, you’ll want to eat calcium-rich foods. Great examples of these items are:

  • Milk – Cow’s milk is one of the cheapest sources of calcium. By drinking one cup, you’ll get 200 mg of calcium or 20% of your Daily Value (DV).
  • Cheese – Cheese is great for meeting your daily calcium intake. For instance, parmesan cheese has 336 mg of calcium per ounce.
  • Dark Leafy Greens – A single cup of raw collard greens contains 83 mg of calcium. Kale and spinach provide 38 mg and 30 mg, respectively.
  • Canned Fish – Canned fish are rather rich in calcium. For example, one can of sardines has 351 mg of the mineral.

You really should track how much calcium you need for healthy teeth. So, memorize the facts above and consult your dental provider for more tips!

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